Is that possible?

i will wait for the world to make sense. waiting for things to happen. waiting for ….

     …  love to overpower pain; smiles overpower tears; justice overpowering crime; hugs overpowering scars; understanding overpowering bullying… 

    …  waiting for the world to become a better place … 

    …  but is that possible? 

Answer: probably not … that’s the way life is …. it can unfortunately this world can not be perfect … 


why do i feel so afraid? why must i over think thw simplest of things? i don’t understand. not understanding creates fear, Right? Hope, courage and bravery out rule fear. Right?

 my name is Richelle. Richelle; known as the brave one; or bravest. If that is what my name means. Then why do i feel so lost and uncertain. i feel fear, but in some ways i feel fearless. i feel like i’m on an endless road, not knowing where my final desitation is, so i end up wander aimlessly. 

i am uncertain of what i am? Or maybe i’m uncertain or what i want to be … these sentences have more than one meaning. In fact they can have several meanings…. but i guess it’s up to you on which one you choose. 

My imagination …. Is that what it is? when you lie on your bed an you look into the pitch black darkness … what do you feel? what do you see? are you feeling the same way i do? 

i’m am a happy person on the outside. i’ve been called bubbly, cute and happy, but known of them know my insides … the truly destrubed, depressing, lonely me. i have to fake it. to everyone… you know sometimes i feel bi-polar. well i know no one is reading this …. but who cares … i’m done with all this bullsh*t. 

i don't get it. any of it. this world. these people. these politics. the way the world spins round and round. the way sins overpower everything else. the way fear over powers courage.
If life is so god damn great, then why are people still complaining about it?